Japan Association for Language Education and Technology (LET)
(formerly known as Language Laboratory Association of Japan), Kansai Chapter

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The purpose of LET is to conduct research into the theory and methodology of foreign language learning, with particular emphasis on the use of educational media. The organization aims to foster the exchange of information among its members.


In response to Japan's rapid internationalization, the revolution in information technology and the need for better foreign language education, the Language Laboratory Association of Japan, with its40-year history, was reorganized in April 2000 as the Japan Association for Language Education and Technology (LET).

The LLA was formed in June of1961, with Prof.Fumio Nakajima of Tokyo University as its first president. The Kansai Chapter was formed three months later in September with its office at Kobe University of Foreign Studies and with Minoru Honda as the first chapter president. Soon thereafter, in November of that year, the Kanto Chapter was formed. The Chubu and Kyushu Chapters were formed in 1970,bringing the organization to its current configuration of four chapters.

In an age where grammar and translation were the prevalent methodology, the pioneering forerunners of the LLA,recognizing the importance of listening and speaking in foreign language learning, appealed to scholars in related fields to gather together for research and information exchange. This resulted in the formation of the LLA. Starting with the open reel tape recorder, the LLA quickly embraced other technologies and promoted research and practical applications in the fields of foreign language technology, applied linguistics and language acquisition, achieving high recognition as an academic association. Expanding its activities further, in cooperation with the International Association for Language Learning Technology (IALLT) the LLA sponsored the FLEAT (Foreign Language Education and Technology) conferences.


In addition to teachers from the elementary through university levels,the organization also welcomes members of governmental organizations and industries related to foreign language education. Individuals may join as regular members, organizations as group members, and industries related to the development of hardware and software as supporting members.


Membership provides abundant opportunities to present the results of one's own research and exchange information with others. A national conference is held annually with sponsorship rotating among the four chapters. In addition members may publish their results in the journal, Language Education and Technology, as well as in the Kansai Chapter's own semi-annual publication, LET Kansai Chapter Monograph Series.Furthermore, at the international level, members may participate in the periodic FLEAT conferences held alternately in Japan and the U.S. All members of the Kansai Chapter receive the Newsletter as well as a membership directory.

The Kansai Chapter also sponsors a wide range of special interest groups where members can further explore specialized themes. Members may freely join any of these groups and participate in their joint research projects. Lectures and workshops sponsored by these groups are open to the entire membership.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

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PresidentNaoki SUGIMORI
Ritsumeikan University
Vice-PresidentMidori IBA
Konan University
Vice-PresidentToshiko KOYAMA
Osaka Ohtani University
Vice-PresidentKatsumi YAMAMOTO
University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences
Office ManagerHiroyuki YAMANISHI
Tokyo University of Science
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